YOUNG90210.COM & 90210 TV Gearing up to start Production

11 Aug        IN PRODUCTION!         90210TV is the premiere destination for up-to-the-minute entertainment news and celebrity inside information presented in a fun, irreverent tone. delivers breaking news, fashion, movie reviews, photos, video and live-event coverage while capturing exclusive interviews with Hollywood’s stars of today and tomorrow. 
Our mission is to keep in front of the pack by delivering to you not only the latest and greatest mega super stars of the world but the up and coming emerging young stars. We deliver this on a new generation multi-media global entertainment platform. Since the early 80’s James Buccelli and his family have brought you some of the biggest stars in the business.

Our corporate mission is to be the leading Entertainment and Fashion provider of local news, information and services in our strategically located markets by continually expanding and leveraging our Entertainment news-gathering resources. We will proactively identify and develop strategic partnerships and relationships to enhance our content and services while integrating our content for dissemination across all available distribution platforms in our markets. We will continually strive to improve our profitability, while being a strong community partner and strengthening our work environment. 

With the new generation/social media platforms everything is possible. You are your own celebrity, Network, Public Relations Company, Agent, Manager and Brand. wants to help you and your brand achieve that realistic dream. As you now know young90210.COM’s mission is to bring our viewers a user friendly easy to view entertainment Mecca platform,  as well as a bust the cherry in entertainment by YOUNG 90210… and 90210TV is brought  to you by James Buccelli, founder of the Runway Brand; Runway Magazine, Runway Fashion TV, Runway Report, Runway University, Runway Shopping Channel, Fake Magazine, Get Legal Magazine and more. 

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